Scenes of street life in Rome by Jan Miel (1599-1663)

The Flemish Jan Miel (1599-1663) worked in Rome from 1636 to 1658, the year he left for Turin. He painted scenes of street life just like other painters of his home region, who were for this reason called Bamboccianti.

O flamengo Jan Miel (1599-1663) trabalhou em Roma de 1636 a 1658, ano em que partiu para Turim. Pintou cenas da vida popular, tal como outros pintores da sua região de origem, por essa razão denominados Bamboccianti.

Jan Miel (1599-1663)-'Carnival time in Rome'-oil on canvas-1653   Madrid-Museo del Prado

Jan Miel (1599-1663)-'Carnival in the Piazza Colonna, Rome'-oil on canvas-1645   Hartford (Connecticut)-Wadsworth Atheneum

Jan Miel (1599-1663)-'dance in trattoria'-oil on canvas-(1647-1649)   Wien-Akademie der Bildenden Künste

Jan Miel (1599-1663)-'the bocce players'- oil on canvas   Private collection

Jan Miel (1599-1663)-'Neapolitan barber in Rome'-oil on canvas-1648   Paris-Musée du Louvre

Jan Miel (1599-1663)-'actors from the commedia dell'arte on a wagon in a town square'-oil on canvas   Private collection

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