Food market (16-19th century)

Food has always been part of the daily concerns of human beings. The sale of food products has not always been carried out according to the present hygienic conditions.

A alimentação entra nas preocupações diárias dos seres humanos. A venda de alimentos nem sempre se efectuou nas condições higiénicas actuais.

Bartolomeo Passerotti (1529-1592)-'the fish stall'-oil on canvas   Roma-Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Atica (Palazzo Barberini)

Follower of Floris van Schooten (ca 1580-1656)-'market scene with two fruits and vegetable sellers'-oil on wood

Frans Snyders (1579-1667)-'the fruit shop'-oil on canvas-(1618-1621)   St Petersburg-Hermitage

Pierre Edmond Alexandre Hedouin (1820-1889)-'the pig market'-oil on canvas-1875

William Henry Pyne (1787-1794)-'the pig market. Bedford with a view of St Mary's church'-watercolor   Bedford-Cecil Higgins Art Gallery

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