Love and death in Greek mythology by Amigoni (1675-1752)

The Greek mythology comprises numerous cases which are taken by poets to explore specific aspects of the human condition, like the various forms of love, crime, and others. The Italian Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752) depicted some of the main drama and comedy characters, common to human beings.

Nesta mitologia encontram-se inúmeros casos onde os poetas exploraram aspectos concretos da condição humana como as diversas formas de amor, crime e outros. O Italiano Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752) representou algumas das personagens principais do drama e comédia comum aos seres humanos.

Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752)-'Venus and Adonis'-oil on canvas   München-Alte Pinakothek

Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752)-'Flora and Zephir'-oil on canvas   New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752)-'Juno receives the head of Argus'-oil on canvas-ca 1730   Rickmansworth (UK)-Moor Park Mansion

Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752)-'Jupiter and Callist'-oil on canvas   St Petersburg-Hermitage

Jacopo Amigoni (1675-1752)-'Mercury about to kill Argus having lulled him to sleep'-oil on canvas-(1730-1732)   London-Tate Gallery

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