Little flower sellers

It is not legislation, but economic conditions that prevent child labor. As a young man, the following saying was often heard: “a child's work is little, but the one who wastes it is a fool.”

Não é a legislação, mas as condições económicas que evitam o trabalho infantil. Quando jovem ouvia frequentemente o ditado “o trabalho da criança é pouco, mas quem o perde é louco”.

William Baxter Collier Fyfe (ca 1836-1882)-'the flower girl'-oil on canvas

Antonio Paoletti (1834-1912)-'the little flower seller'-oil on canvas

Thomas Benjamin Kennington (1856-1916)-'the pinch of poverty'-oil on canvas -1891

Augustus Edwin Mulready (1844-1904)-'little flower seller'-oil on canvas

John George Brown (1831-1913)-'buy a rosy'-oil on canvas-1881   Raleigh-North Carolina Museum of Art

Robert Kemm (1837-1895)-'the little flower seller'-oil on canvas

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