Vienna’s social life of the Habsburgs and of the Republic, as well as its monuments, is well documented in the work of many artists.

A vida social de Viena dos Habsburgos e da República, tal como os seus monumentos, encontra-se bem documentada nos trabalhos de inúmeros artistas.

Rudolf Franz Ullmann (1889-1973)-'restaurant Hirschengstaemm in Lainzer Tiergarten, Vienna'-oil on canvas-1944   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Ferdinand Julius Wilhelm Laufberger (1829-1881)-'an afternoon in the Prater'-oil on canvas-1881   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Joseph Schaffer (1757-1825)-'the Viena General Hospital and narrenturm, the fools tower'-engraving-1787   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Wilhelm Gause (1853-1916)-'the Graben central square in downtown Vienna; in the background the Plague Column'-1888    Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Unknown-'satire on the waltz-madness of the Viennese the Great Gallop'-coloured engraving-1939   Private collection

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