Castel dell' Ovo in Naples

This monumental complex was built on the islet of Megaride in the Bay of Naples. It is said that in the 7th century BC the Greeks founders of the city of Partenope landed here. They say the name comes from the egg that Virgil brought in his clothes.

No ilhéu Megaride da baía de Nápoles construíram este complexo monumental. No séc. VII aC terão aqui desembarcado os Gregos fundadores da cidade de Parténope. Atribuem o seu nome ao ovo que Virgílio trazia nas suas vestes.

Anton Sminck van Pitloo (1791-1837)-'Castel dell' Ovo from the beach'-oil on canvas

Unknown-'view of the city of Naples from the sea'-oil on panel-1470   Napoli-Museo di San Martino (tavola Strozzi)

Carlo Bonavia (active 1740-1788)-'Castel dell'Ovo'- oil on canvas-1788   Honolulu- Academy of Arts

Carl Gustav Carus (1789-1869)-'Castel dell'Ovo a Naples'-oil on paper mounted on cardboard-1828   Private collection

Carl Gustav Carus (1789-1869)-'balcony room with a view of the bay of Naples'-oil on canvas-ca 1870   Berlin-Alte Nationalgalerie

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