Ivan IV, the Terrible (1538-1584)

This Grand Duke of Moscow conquered Kasan, Astrakhan and Siberia. For that reason he entitled himself the Csar of all the Russias. He exercised great cruelty through his political police (oprichnik). In a fit of rage, he accidentally killed Ivan, his eldest son. He wanted to enter a convent. He died insane while playing chess.

Este Grão-duque de Moscovo conquistou Kasan, Astrakan e a Sibéria. Por esse motivo intitulou-se Csar de todas as Rússias. Exerceu grande crueldade por intermédio da sua polícia política (oprichnik). Furioso, matou acidentalmente Ivan, seu filho mais velho. Pretendeu entrar num convento. Morreu louco a jogar xadrez.

Alexander Dmitrievich Litovchenko (1835-1890)-'Ivan the Terrible showing his treasures to Jerome Horsey'--1875

Piotr Ivanovich Korovin (1857-1919)-'Ivan IV under the walls of Kazan (1552)'-(1880-1890)

Vyacheslav Grigorievich Schwartz (1838-1869)-'Ivan the Terrible meditating at the death of his son'

Klavdiy Vasilievich Lebedev (1852-1916)-'Ivan's repetance he ask a father superior of the Pskovo-Pechorsky monastery to let him take the tonsure at his monastery'

Ivan Jakovlevich Bilibin (1876-1942)-'death the Ivan the Terrible (last game)'-1935

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