Mirror: symbol and reflection

Although mirrors reflect images, they do not serve exclusively for users’ self-contemplation. The painter Antonio Lafreri used the title Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae for the reproduction of his works. It is said that painters are the mirror of their time. The mirror took Alice to one of her magical worlds.

Apesar de refletirem imagens, os espelhos não servem exclusivamente para a autocontemplação dos utentes. O pintor Antonio Lafreri usou o título Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae para reprodução das suas obras. Diz-se que os pintores são o espelho da sua época. O espelho levou Alice para um dos seus mundos mágicos.

Johann Zoffany (1733-1810)-'queen Charlotte Mecklenburg-Sytrelitz (1744-1818) wife of George III with two eldest sons'-oil on canvas-1765   London-Royal collection 

Franz von Persoglia (1852-1912)-'company at the tea in the salon'-oil on canvas-1892

Petrus Christus (1425-1476)-'St Eligius in his goldsmith workshop'-tempera and oil on wood-1449   New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art

Carl Larson (1853-1919)-'my friends, the carpenter and the painter'-watercolor-1909

Jan Davidszoon de Hem (1605-ca 1683)-'student in his study'-oil on wood-1628

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