Ancient Greek vases

5th century BC Athenians had a particular interest in ceramics decorated with motifs related to their activities, heroes and known gods.

Os Atenienses do séc. V aC tiveram particular interesse pela cerâmica decorada com motivos relacionados com atividades, heróis e deuses conhecidos.

Attr. Douris and Euphronios (potter)-'woman at the laver, with a water bucket, a skyphos and a wineskin, kalos inscription'-attic-(red-figure)-kylix ca 500 BC   New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art (1986.322.1)

Circle of the Antimenes painter-'Dionysus and his thiasus'-attic-(black-figure)-krater psykter-(525-500 BC)   Paris-Musée du Louvre (MNE 938)

Unknown-'flutist playing in train athletes (discus, javelot). To his right the teacher holds a stick to punish offenses'-hydria-attic-(red-figure)--ca 500 BC

Attr. Diosphos painter-'Aeneas carrying his father Anchises on his back during the fall of Troy'-attic-(red-figure)-neck amphora-ca 500 BC    New York-Metropolitan Museum of Art (36.171.26)

Unknown-'owl with the inscription DEMOSIOS (from people)-attic-(black-figure)-amphora-ca 500 BC   München-Staatliche Antikensammlungen

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