Family (16-18th century)

The Baroque era took place after the Reformation and Counter-Reformation and corresponded to the period when absolutism was in force.

A época barroca aconteceu depois da Reforma e Contra-Reforma e correspondeu ao período em que vigorou o absolutismo.

Anthonie Palamedes (1601-1673)-'family portrait'-oil on panel-1635    Antwerp-Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten

Hans Hug Kluser (16th century)-'portrait of the Basel guild master Hans Rudof Faesch and Anna Glaser family'-oil on canvas-1559    Basel-Historisches Museum

David Teniers the younger (1610-1690)-'the artist and his family'-1645    Berlin-Gemäldegalerie

Hyacinthe Rigaud (Jacint Rigau-Ros i Serra) (1649-1743)-'portrait of Pierre-Frédéric Leonard family'-oil on canvas-1692    Paris-Musée du Louvre

Henri Gascar (1635-1701)-'John III Sobieski with his family'-oil on canvas-ca 1693    Warsaw-Wilanow Palace Museum

Unknown, formerly attributed to Nicoles de Largillière (1656-1745)-'Louis XIV and his family'-oil on canvas-ca 1710    London-Wallace collection

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