Maneirism by Antoine Caron

The French painter Antoine Caron (1515-1593) left a variety of working motifs, including Biblical, mythological, political, and other themes.

Deixou obra variada o pintor Francês Antoine Caron (1515-1593), com temas bíblicos, mitológicos, políticos e outros.

Antoine Caron (1515-1593)-'Augustus and the Sibyl of Tibur'-oil on canvas-ca 1580    Paris-Musée du Louvre  

Antoine Caron (1515-1593)-'merry-go-round with elephant'-oil on canvas      Private collection

Antoine Caron (1515-1593)-'the massacre of the Triunvirate'-oil on canvas-1566        Paris-Musée du Louvre  

Antoine Caron (1515-1593)-'Bagthiana and Teresh'-ca 1590    from the Book of Esther

Antoine Caron (1515-1593)-'the arrest and execution of Sir Thomas More, Chancellor to Henry VIII of England in 1535'-oil on wood    Blois-Musée du Châteaux

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