Medicina antiqua (13th century)

In 13th century Codex Vindobonensis 93,  in Vienna Österreichische Nationalbibliothek there are illuminations that do not relate to medicine.

No Codex Vindobonensis 93 do séc. XIII da Österreichiche Nationalbibliothek de Viena encontram-se iluminuras que não dizem respeito à medicina.

Anonymous (13th century)-'Hunting scene'~-illustration (fol. 70 r.)

 Anonymous (13th century)-'Divine Mother Earth'-illustration (fol. 9 recto)

Anonymous (13th century)-'Snake as furl the sail'-Miniature sheet on 73

Anonymous (13th century)-+Allegorical scene with Homer, a doctor and God Mercurius (from left). The above plant is a "Immolum" (Moly) refers'-illustratio-(fol. 61 v)

Anonymous (13th century)-'Above: magic against highwaymen. Bottom: image of black nightshade plants (Solanum nigrum)'-illustration-(fol. 78 v.)

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