Poland, valleys and mountains

Numerous Polish artists painted the natural beauty of their country, whose geographical boundaries varied, mostly due to invasions of a military type.

Inúmeros Polacos pintaram as belezas naturais do seu país, cujas fronteiras geográficas variaram muito devido a invasões de carácter militar.

Józef Brandt (1841-1915)-'speeding carriage'-oil on canvas-ca 1900    Private collection

Wladyslaw Chmielinski (1911-1979)-'sleigh departing from a village'-oil on canvas-ca 1950    Private collection

Wladyslaw Boncza-Rutkowski (1840-1905)-'before the storm'-oil on canvas    Private collection

Józef Jaroszynski (1835-1900)-'hutzuls'-oil on canvas    Private collection

Wojciech Gerson (1831-1901)-'in the Tatra mountains'-watercolour on paper-1860    Warsaw-National Museum

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