Rest and amusement

Taking a rest from the daily work and amusements are absolutely necessary phases for a harmonious development of human beings.

O descanso do trabalho diário e o divertimento são fases absolutamente necessárias para um harmonioso desenvolvimento dos seres humanos.

Hendrick Avercamp (1585-1639)-'winter landscape with skaters'-oil on panel-ca 1608    Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

François-Auguste Biard (1799-1882)-'the bain of canotières'-oil on canvas   Private collection

Mariano Pérez-Alonso y Villagrossa (1857-1930)-'a café by the river'-1895    Private collection

Paul Heyden (1845-1933)-'an interesting story'-oil on canvas-ca 1920

Hugo Oehmichen (1843-1933)'the first sip'-oil on canvas-ca 1932

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