Drawings of Rome and surroundings by Carlo Labruzzi

The Italian artist Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818) devoted much of his attention to drawing the sites of the book Via Appia Rome ab urbe ad Capuam (1794) during the expedition promoted by the Maecenas Richard Colt Hoare.

O italiano Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818) dedicou grande parte da sua atenção a desenhar os locais do livro Via Appia ab urbe Roma ad Capuam (1794) durante a expedição promovida pelo mecenas Richard Colt Hoare.

Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818)-‘view of the source and of the cavern of Egeria out of the door Capua or St Sebastian’

Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818)-‘the shrine of Cardinal Reginald Pole’

Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818)-‘the tomb of Geta and the tomb of Priscilla’

Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818)-‘temple of the dio Redicolo’-1789

Carlo Labruzzi (1748.1818)-‘road to Albano’

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