Tea time

The use of tea as a beverage adopted by European countries is expressed in the paintings of artists from different time periods and countries.

O uso do chá, como bebida adotada pelos países europeus, encontra-se expresso nas pinturas de artistas de várias épocas e países.

Konstantyin Alekseyevich Korovin (1861-1939)-‘at a tea table’-oil on canvas mounted on cardboard-1888    Tula-Museum V. Polenov

Gawen Hamilton (1698-1737)-‘an elegant family at tea’

Joseph van Aken (ca 1699-1749)-‘a tea party’-oil on canvas-ca 1720

Joseph van Aken (ca 1699-1749)-‘an English family at tea’-oil on canvas-1725    London-Tate collection

John Charlton (1849-1917)-‘teatime treat’-1883

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