Vagabond shoes by A. Melville

The Scottish artist Arthur Melville (1858-1904) travelled around the European continent where he painted some watercolors.

O escocês Arthur Melville (1858-1904) viajou pelo continente europeu onde pintou algumas aguarelas.

Arthur Melville (1858-1904)-‘a Mediterranean port’-watercolor-1892    Glasgow-Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Arthur Melville (1858-1904)-‘the little bullfight: Bravo Toro’-watercolor-ca 1889   London-Victoria and Albert Museum

Arthur Melville (1858-1904)-‘a captured spy’-watercolor-1895    Glasgow-Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Arthur Melville (1858-1904)-‘the Turkish bath, Paris’-watercolor-1881    Private collection

Arthur Melville (1858-1904)-‘the contrabandista (smuggler)’-oil on canvas    Private collection

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