History of France (episodes)

Several painters represented important episodes in the history of France.

Diversos pintores representaram episódios importantes da história de França.

Attr Philippe de Mazerolles ( -1479)-‘Queen Isabella of Bavaria in procession Paris (22 August 1389)’-illumination on parchment    London-British Library (Harley 4379, fol 3-
Jean Froissart; Chroniques)

French school (18th century)-‘Venetiam ambassador Alvise Mocenigo in Paris on January 1709’-oil on canvas     Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

Charles Parrocel (1688-1752)-‘Mehemet Effendi, Turkish ambassador, arrives at the Tuileries, on 21st March 1771’     Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

Louis-François, baron Lejeune (1775-1848)-‘the entry of Charles X into Reims, 6 June 1825’      Versailles-Musée du Château et des Trianons

D. Vassiliou (20th century)-‘Greel military units in the Victory Parade in Arch de Triomphe, Paris 14 Jully 1919’     Athens-National and Historical Museum

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