Spain (España)

Painters show different regions and customs of Spain

Os pintores mostram regiões e costumes de Espanha muito diversificados.

José Rico y Cejudo (1864-1939)-‘parlor magician’-oil on canvas     Private collection

Mariano Alonso Pérez y Villagrossa (1857-1930)-‘arrival of the letter carrier’-oil on canvas

José Villega y Cordero (1848-1922)-‘the Procession (la Romeria)’

lJosep Tapiró y Baró (1836-1913)-‘a siesta in the Sixtine chapel’-watercolor     Private collection

Mariano José Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Marsal (1838-1874)-‘bullfight, the wounded picador’-oil on canvas     Malaga-Museu Carmen Thyssen

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