Figures by James B. Pyne

The British artist James Baker Pyne (1800-1870) represented situations with different types of people.

O britânico James Baker Pyne (1800-1870) representou situações com vários tipos de pessoas.

James Baker Pyne (1800-1870)-‘figures on a path in an Italianate landscape’-oil on canvas-1860     Private collection

James Baker Pyne (1800-1870)-‘the mulgrave alum works at Sandsend Yorkshire coast’-oil on canvas-1844     London-Tate Gallery

James Baker Pyne (1800-1870)-‘the beggars coming to town’-oil on canvas-ca 1860     Private collection

James Baker Pyne (1800-1870)-‘view of the Avon from Durdham Down’-oil on canvas-1829     Bristol-Museum and Art Gallery

James Baker Pyne (1800-1870)-‘river with a figures beside a sunlit cottage, an angler nearby’-watercolor     Private collection

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