Jesus by W. Sauber

The Austrian artist Wolfgang Sauber (17th century) painted frescoes of Jesus' life in the Aosta Cathedral.

O austríaco Wolfgang Sauber (17th century) pintou frescos da vida de Jesus na Catedral de Aosta.

Wolfgang Sauber(17th century)-‘Annunciation’-fresco-(1522-1526)    Aosta-Cathedral (portal 3)

Wolfgang Sauber(17th century)-‘Nativity’ fresco-(1522-1526)     Aosta Cathedral (portal 1)

Wolfgang Sauber (17th century)-‘presentation in the Temple’-fresco-(1522-1526)     Aosta Cathedral (portal 2)

Wolfgang Sauber(17th century)-‘Madonna and Child’ fresco-(1522-1526)     Aosta Cathedral

Wolfgang Sauber(17th century)-‘anointing of Jesus’-fresco-(1522-1526)    Aosta Cathedral (chapel of the baron de Cly)

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