Stockholm National Museum

The collection began with the paintings that King Gustav Vasa possessed in his residences. In the 1740s Carl Gustaf Tessin, ambassador to France, acquired numerous works of art. King Gustav III offered his entire estate. It lodges over one million pieces (drawings, engravings, sculptures, porcelain, etc.).

A colecção teve início com os quadros que o rei Gustavo Vasa possuía nas suas residências. Na década de 1740, Carl Gustaf Tessin, embaixador em França, adquiriu numerosas obras de arte. O rei Gustavo III ofereceu todo o seu espólio. Alberga mais de um milhão de peças (desenhos, gravuras, esculturas, porcelanas).

Pehr Hilleström the Elder (1732-1816)-'gallery of Roman sculpture in the Kungliga Museet'-watercolour-ca 1810

Carl Larsson (1853-1919)-'breakfast under the big birch'-watercolour

Otto van Veen (ca1556-1629)-'allegory of the temptation of youth'-oil on canvas

Judith Jans Leyster (1609-1660)-'young flute player'-oil on canvas-ca 1635

Alexander Roslin (1718-1793)-'king Gustav III (1746-1792) and his brothers'-oil on canvas-1771

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