The daily lives of human beings, whatever their ethnic and cultural origins, did not always start with the morning hygiene of the body.

O cotidiano dos seres humano qualquer que seja a sua origem étnica e cultural nem sempre começou com a higiene matinal do seu corpo.

Wolfgang Heimbach (1620-1679)-'people bathing'-oil on canvas-1640

Torii Kiyomitsu (1735--1785)-'Sento bathing scene. Japanese woman bathing in a wooden tub'-woodcut

Unknowm (5th century BC)-'three young woman bathing'-attic-(red-figure)-stamnos-(440-430 BC)    München-Staatliche Antikensammlungen (2411)

Carl Larsson (1853-1919)-'summer morning'-oil on canvas-1908

Peter of Eboli (ca 1196-1220)-'a sweet bath-Pozzuoli'-illumination

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