Vanity by Agostino Tassi (Buonamici)

A painter of land and sea sceneries, the Roman Agostino Tassi (Buonamici) (1578-1644) had a turbulent and dissolute character, which led him to kidnap Artemisia Gentileschi in 1612.

Pintor de paisagens terrestres e marítimas, o Romano Agostino Tassi Buonamici (1578-1644) possuía carácter turbulento e dissoluto, o que o levou a raptar Artemisia Gentileschi em 1612.

Agostino Tassi (Buonamici) (1578-1644)-'competition on the Capitoline Hill'-oil on canvas-ca 1630    Roma-Musei Capitolini

Agostino Tassi (Buonamici) (1578-1644)-'the arrival of Cleopatra at Tarsus'-oil on canvas

Agostino Tassi (Buonamici) (1578-1644)-'imaginary landscape with temple of Sibyl at Tivoli'-fresco-ca 1625    Roma-Palazzo Lancelotti

Agostino Tassi (Buonamici) (1578-1644)-'the embarkation of a queen'-oil on canvas-ca 1615     Private collection

Agostino Tassi (Buonamici) (1578-1644)-'ship-building port'-oil on canvas

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